Course funding

There are numerous different routes to funding a training course these are:

  • Full Government funding (it will not cost the learner anything)
  • Student finance (Learner takes out student finance and only pays back once they earn over £21,000)
  • Privately funded (The learner pays for their course).

95% Government funding

Learners must be 16+ and be employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week. Courses typically last between 13 – 24 months and will be subject to an end point assessment process with the allocated awarding body. Employers will need to fund 5% of the course with the remaining 95% being provided by the government. Please contact or call 07939 553971 for more details.

Student finance (Student loan)

Until you earn in excess of £26,000 per year you will never have to pay anything back. .

 -Must be 19 and over

-NO credit checks

-Guaranteed funding

-Nothing to pay back unless they start to earn over £26,000 and even then it’s approx. £7 a month

-Very rare opportunity to receive this funding

Here is a link to the Government information about the loans:

Privately funded

The learner pays for their training course themselves, this can be done by paying upfront or “pay as you go” There are no refunds for any learner not completing a course due to their own lack of commitment. This type of funding is totally flexible and learning can be done from a distance.

All our learners no matter how their course if funded have the option of using an online e-portfolio system or can receive their work via email. Some courses require onsite observation and in the case of full government funded courses observation is mandatory. All learners will have some form of interaction with the dedicated assessor monthly and their assessors/tutor can be contacted 7 days per week.